Each piece of the Uplevel system is designed to build student confidence faster, eliminating barriers to comprehension while easily creating fun interactions that span disciplines. Based on the Project GLAD model, Uplevel supports a complete education by fusing academics with the soft skills needed for lifelong success. Meanwhile, you become a more efficient, effective educator, using organizational tools that free you up to focus more attention on your students’ individual needs.

Year Map

  • Lists all your grade-level standards, formatted for quick reference
  • Plots your teaching objectives by development level, integrating all the Common Core Language Arts standards through newly adopted Next Generation Science (NGS) and History-Social Science (HSS) standards
  • Every unit includes art, socio-emotional skill development, and English Language Development (ELD) standards

Teacher Activities & Strategies

  • Culturally relevant teaching materials, celebrating diversity throughout every book
  • Guided activities match how our brains learn
  • Activities successfully empower peer-to-peer instruction to create self-directed, lifelong learners
  • Strategies engage students in speaking, reading, and writing
Additional Features
  • GOICsUplevel

    The Graphic Organizer Input Chart (GOIC) is a visual syllabus that provides big-picture clarity, storing details in an easy-to-access location.

  • PoetryUplevel

    Singing and movement speed the process of mastering concepts and language across learning styles. Each unit enables you to aid comprehension and memory with popular songs.

  • Projects & ExperimentsUplevel

    Hands-on activities with real world applications. They provide experience applying ideas to solutions, often to community-based problems.

  • PictorialsUplevel

    Provide a visual schema for learning, showing students how to learn about the topic (metacognition). This improves their ability to read and analyze text.

  • Expert GroupsUplevel

    Students learn how to read, research, and devour large amounts of academic text as they advance through the Expert Text worksheets.

  • Process GridUplevel

    Organizes ideas for improved memory, then serves as a springboard for rich academic writing.

  • CCD WordsUplevel

    The Cognitive Content Dictionary is made up of core content vocabulary lists, so students master skills that help them discover new vocabulary and analyze words on their own.

  • Give Me 5Uplevel

    Five basic techniques that help anyone master any class, on any topic, regardless of the instructor. They help your students become the gurus of their own learning.

  • 7 Hip Pocket ToolsUplevel

    Easy-to-apply teaching strategies that require little to no prep. With these, your students will be more engaged and motivated with any lesson. Aligned with Integrated English Language Development (ELD) standards.

Unit at a Glance

  • Strategic overview section included in each unit book
  • Shows you each teaching strategy for the entire unit, the skills they are building and standards they are meeting, and progress assessments
  • Breaks down all your daily activities, highlighting instructions and materials needed for each exercise

Lesson Plans

  • Inquiry- and project-based plans to develop self-directed, lifelong learners
  • Flexible daily guides for veteran teachers to alter and adjust, supplemented with detailed lesson plans for new teachers and substitutes
  • Quickly reference teaching strategy, estimated time for each activity, and page numbers for corresponding teaching material


All grade-level curricula integrate literacy development across subjects, so kids gain core language competencies while studying other material. Each grade level reframes and builds upon concepts and skills from the last, and includes Common Core focuses. Units of study are designed to “flip the classroom,” so you can sit back and watch your students digest material on their own with Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) — known as the most effective instructional practice. Each curriculum contains the full complement of features in the Uplevel system.