2nd Grade

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As students journey through 2nd grade, focus on literacy is amplified. Students begin reading to learn, developing into independent readers and writers with effective communication skills. We focus on fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and analysis of literature and informational text. After completing this grade, students are prepared to learn more complex science and history-social science concepts.

  • 6 separate units (Common Core integrated through science & history-social science)
  • Covers 36 weeks of curriculum
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Guided reading & writing
  • Multiple read-alouds matched to content in each unit: poetry, nonfiction, & fiction
  • Common Core Standards (Reading: Informational Text, Reading: Literature, Reading: Foundational, Language, Speaking/Listening)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (experiments, engineering, & design)
  • History-social science standards
  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, & math) connections
  • History-Social Science

    American Heroes

    Through biographical research, students examine the lives of heroes, and the qualities that enable people to achieve their goals. Students explore the impact they have on their families and communities, and how they have been shaped in turn.

    Lesson Topics
    • Biographies
    • Modified cloze reading
    • Message, moral, & theme
    • Actionable community solutions
  • Next Generation Science


    Students classify materials like scientists. With weekly hands-on experiments, students work collaboratively to design and build solutions involving types of matter. They apply Common Core Language Arts skills to increase comprehension of Next Generation Science content.

    Lesson Topics
    • Classifying types of matter
    • Point of view, cause & effect in literature
    • Writing poetry
    • Social leadership
  • History-Social Science

    Government Interactions

    Students continue exploring rules and laws, examining responsibilities in following and creating them. Conflict resolution, and how people interact, are key areas of focus for college and career readiness.

    Lesson Topics
    • Government branches & levels
    • The author’s intent
    • Point of view, sequence, & moral of the story
    • Rules & the problems they solve
  • Next Generation Science

    Shaping the Earth

    Students examine geological processes, reproducing events in hands-on experiments to either prevent them or minimize their impact. They apply Common Core Language Arts skills directly to Next Generation Science Standards as they recount formation sequences.

    Lesson Topics
    • Geology
    • Sequence of events
    • Temporal language
    • Creating emergency plans & maps
  • History-Social Science

    Economics: Producer to Consumer

    Students research the sources of goods and products they consume on a regular basis. While learning about personal nutrition, students learn the basic economics of food production.

    Lesson Topics
    • Food & nutrition
    • Contextual clues
    • Who, what, when, where, why, & how
    • Health & exercise in practice
  • Next Generation Science

    Plants in Habitats

    Students learn the tricks plants use to move to new areas. Through multiple hands-on experiments integrating Common Core Language Arts skills, students become botanists.

    Lesson Topics
    • Plants
    • Flexibility
    • Poetry
    • Purpose

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