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Reading is key in Kindergarten studies, as students acquire phonics, phonemic awareness, and critical decoding skills while building comprehension. They engage in conversations that contextualize newly acquired vocabulary, learning to play with language while exploring the world around them.

  • 6 separate units (Common Core integrated through science & history-social science)
  • Covers 36 weeks of curriculum
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Guided reading & writing
  • Multiple read-alouds matched to content in each unit: poetry, nonfiction, & fiction
  • Common Core standards (Reading: Informational Text, Reading: Literature, Reading: Foundational, Language, Speaking/Listening)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (experiments, engineering, & design)
  • History-social science standards
  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, & math) connections
  • History-Social Science

    Citizens in our Community

    In this unit, students become familiar with the basics of their surroundings. They get a guided tour of the classroom, school, and community with essential rules and layout.

    Lesson Topics
    • Situational awareness & behavior
    • Maps & action plans
    • Alphabet & phonics
  • Next Generation Science

    Force & Motion

    By playing games and conducting hands-on experiments, students discover the relationship between strength and direction using objects. Meanwhile, they learn lowercase letters, uppercase letters, story structure, and more.

    Lesson Topics
    • Teamwork
    • Scientific process
    • Word families
    • Storytelling
  • History-Social Science

    History of Holidays

    By studying school holidays, students develop historical literacy. They study the lives of famous Americans and their impact on national identity. Students also explore their family history to build cultural literacy and connections with peers.

    Lesson Topics
    • Calendars
    • Summarizing
    • Cultural identity
    • Ancestry
  • Next Generation Science

    Local Weather

    Students observe weather conditions and patterns. By using their senses, students apply the scientific process to explore climate and its impact on our lives.

    Lesson Topics
    • Reading & writing narratives
    • Seasons
    • Inflections
    • Vowels
  • Next Generation Science

    Organisms: Structures & Functions

    Through observation and experimentation, students discover all living organisms have structures to help them survive. Students study the impact of organisms on the environment, while learning vowels, phonemes, and how to extract key details from text.

    Lesson Topics
    • Explanatory reading & writing
    • Animals & plants
    • Interrogatives
    • Local environments
  • History-Social Science

    Icons & Symbols

    Students explore national and state symbols using prior experiences and virtual tours. As students engage and develop an understanding of our national identity, they also learn how to read and write about it.

    Lesson Topics
    • National values, principles, & symbols
    • Functional writing
    • Poetry & common songs
    • Antonyms/synonyms

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